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Paging Systems
We Service and Install Paging Systems in California!

We provide all your paging system needs such as sales, installation and service. Fibercom can offer you help with your paging system communication needs.  We are skilled and knowledgeable in this area of telecommunications.  Paging systems can help your business be more productive, safe and flexible; We want to help you achieve this with your paging system installation.  We will work with your current telephone system setup and install a paging system that is fit for your system. We will work to provide you with your own personalized paging system designed to meet your specifications and work flow requirements without interfering with your current setup.  We strive for good customer relationships with our installations, so your service does not end with the purchase or installation of your paging system.  Fibercom is not only known for their experience, performance and knowledge of paging systems, we are known to provide our clients with a reliable, high-quality audio performance paging system. 

Paging System installation can be done in all kinds of working environments looking to improve their working environment with flexible and productive communication.  Clients can range from hospitals, industrial warehouses, commercial buildings, schools and many more!  We can provide you with the right choice for your paging system installation whether it be overhead paging, public announcement, background music with paging ovveride, paging alert system, emergency paging notifications and more!  We install  paging system brands such as Valcom and Bogen for our clients' convenience.

We offer comprehensive knowledge, skill, and experience when we service our clients with their Paging Systems!

Fibercom can help you with your paging system installation by providing the following options:

  • Night Ring / Loud Ring / Clock Timer Paging Controller Installation

  • Paging Horns Installation: Loud Ringer, Warble, Alert

  • Paging Speakers Installation: Corner Speakers, Wall Speakers, Pendant Speakers, Recessed Ceiling Speakers

  • Emergency Paging System Installation

  • Zone Paging Installation

  • Background Music Installation with Paging System

  • Paging Volume Control Installation

  • Indoor / Outdoor Paging Installation

Fibercom understands the needs of their clients. We work with all kinds of businesses, both big and small. We will help you choose, install and service your paging system that is fit for your business communication needs.